What Is Resistor ?|How many resistor use in mobile

What Is Resistor ?|How many resistor use in mobile

Resistors) Resistor is an electrical component such as other diodes, capacitors, etc. In circuits the register is used to reduce the flow of the current or to boost the signal level. There are two types of registers depending on the work.

variables resistor ,fixed resistor

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Simple resistor:-

 Smd resistor:-


Simple Smd Resistor:-
This is the most felt in mobile PCB. To make this, ceramic material is used as a thin film. The ceramic material is made by combining glass chromium, silver. Normal smd register is black in the middle and white on the edges on both sides. Mobile Pcb registers tap into thin and Is bright.

Code Resistor:-

The code is written above this register, it can be seen near the charging ic or power ic in the mobile PCB. Jess R220; 3R3
Fuse Resistor:-
This register is of green, blue and white color or O, L, N, X is written.

Package Resistor

This register works on the Normal Register, but it is a group of Normal Register and its testing is also like the Normal Register.

VDR Resistor ( voltage dependent resistor)

vdr resistor is towards a variable resistor. It depends on the incoming voltage on it. When the voltage is low, the registrations of VDR resistor decreases. And when the voltage increases, its registrations increase. In circuits it is used to prevent over voltage. It is on the side of the simple resistor. Testing is also on the side of the simple resistor

Thermistor: – 

The tharmistor resistor is also a type of resistor. Which is used to control the temp, when the temp becomes more in the circuit, the resistance of the thermistor increases. Due to which the flow of current in the circuit stops.

Checking register by multimeter: –
1. Set multimeter to ome’s range

2. Touch both of the multimeter’s both probes of the register, if the value of the reading or register is coming, the register is correct  

3. Checking the register does not mean value or reding, the register is bad.
4. If the value of the register is high and the multimeter is checking by keeping it on the lower range, only 1 will show in multimeter then you will have to check the register by increasing the multimeter range once. As the value of your register is 40k. And multimeter is checking by keeping it in 200 Ω. Then multimeter multimeter will show in 1 meter, then you have to increase its range.


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