What is Integrated Circuit (IC) Type And How Many Type Ic Use In Mobile Repairing

Integrated Circuit (IC)

All components made within a semiconductor material are electronic circuits in which the semiconductor components such as resistors, capacitors etc., except passive components, diodes, transistors, etc., are manufactured simultaneously following a specific process. Which we call ic integrated circuit. The IC would have millions of transistors.

The IC is divided into three parts

1 Analog Ic
The integrated circuit which needs continuous signal to work is called analog integrated circuit. Analog integrated circuits are also divided into two parts, Linear Integrated Circuits (Linear ICs) and Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RF ICs). The frequency used by analog integrated circuits is called Operational Amplifier or Op-Amp. A very small amount of transistors are used inside this integrated circuit, while a large number of transistors are used inside a digitally integrated circuit.

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2 Digital Ic
Digital integrated circuits are designed for certain tasks. And they work only to a certain extent. To make them Digital Logic Gates, Multiplexers, Flip Flops and some other electronic components are installed. And this logic gate works only on the basis of binary input or digital input data. There are many types of digital ICs or digital integrated circuits such as: 0 or 1.
  1. Programmable IC
  2. Memory Chips, Logic IC
  3. Power Management IC
  4. Interface IC
    3 Mixid Ic
    Inside a mixed integrated circuit, both analog and digital integrated circuits are used. It is used to convert analog to digital and digital to analog signal.

    Integradet Circuit IC type

    PGA (Pin Grid Array) This ic has a pin to connect the traminal, it is sold and applied.

     BGA (Ball Grid Array) There are balls to connect the traminal of this ic

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