What is CMOS Battery and How to Identify its Failure

Comos battery is installed on the computer and laptop’s motherboard. Its complete form (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) is a technology used to make microprocessor, microcontroller and other digital logic circuits. comos battery ensures time and data of hardware and system which is part of a BIOS setting. CMOS battery maintains its data even after the computer or laptop is shut down.

Cmos battery details

Life line of Cmos Battery is 10 years old.
BIOS settings store non -Volatile, which does not require constant power to retain data. However, the motherboard uses RTC (real time clock) because clock is always active, whether the computer is active or not. It’s not a quartz watch like a simple clock used by people. When the computer or laptop is switched off, then the RTC Clock takes the voltage to work with the COMOS Battery, and in this way, it also tells the timing correct when opening.
But the main function of CMOS battery is to store the BIOS settings of your computer. BIOS allows the system to recognize available hardware and device drivers. If there is a problem with the CMOS battery, the BIOS will not get all the data that is required and the computer will not work as it should. There are some hints that will tell you about the failure of CMOS batteries, here you can come with:

  1. An indicator of CMOS battery failure is that sometimes your PC does not turn on for some time after the shutdown. If the driver stops working, it can also be tied to CMOs.
  2. Getting “CMOS checksum error”, “CMOSerror” or other similar notifications while booting.
  3. Hardware issues are also indicative of the failure of CMOS batteries. You can also see that your computer is having difficulty identifying the keyboard, mouse or printer.
  4.  If your computer has incorrect date and time settings, then it may be due to CMOS battery failure. In addition, you can notice that the date / time is being reset even after you have fixed this in the BIOS.

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