What Is Capacitor ?

What Is capacitor?|Capacitor In Mobile Repairing   

The capacitor is a passive element which stores energy as an electrical charge, on a small rechargeable battery is charged to the capacitor mili seconds and becomes discharge the main function of the capacitor is to pass AC voltage and stop the DC Is there. Mobile PCB is installed in capacitor parlor. Which reduces protection. The capacitor is represented by “C” and its S.I unit farad

circuit symbols

Use of capacitor in various circuits

It produces a bad signal and produces a new signal
Signal filter (Non polar capacitor)
Section filtering( polar capacitor)

capacitor types

1 polar capacitor: –Polar capacitors have plus miens. It is yellow color and on one side is a red color strip. The side of the red color is the side. PLUS on that side

2 Non Polar Capacitor:- Non polar capacitors do not contain plus or miens. How to apply it in the circuit. It comes in many colors in mobile PCBs, silver is middle and white on either side; There is a bright white and white color stripe on the edge.

capacitor testing

1. Firstly set multimeter to beep mode

2. If the capacitor is right then nothing will show value.

3. If the beep or sound is coming then capacitor is short.

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