Repair and Fix Water Damaged Mobile Phone

How To Repair and Fix Wet Water Damaged Mobile Phone

In this Article we gave some tips for Repair and Fix Wet Water Damaged Mobile Phone – Learn how to fix and save a wet mobile phone with water, rain or any other liquid like tea or coffee.

Wet or water damaged mobile phones

Many times our mobile phone gets wet or falls into the water and gets damaged. It can be wet with water, rain water, tea, coffee or any other liquid. After dying in water or any other liquid, most mobile phones are dead and stop working. It is a cause of concern if you do not know how to repair damaged mobile cell phones with wet water. But repairing wet mobile phones is very easy. No one can do this without taking the mobile phone to the service center.How To Repair and Fix Water Damaged Mobile Phone


Remove the Battery ,sim card ,memory card and anything else that might be plugged into the device.
dry gently with an absorbent towel .


Do not power on the mobile phone. Due to the water the interior circuit can be short.
Don’t use the hairdryer on the phone this could also push water into the phone and do further damage.
Do’t move the phone more than you have is best keep the phone still to prevent water from spreading throughout the device .

Techinal Step

Step 1. After the mobile fell into the water, the battery came out immediately. Put the battery on the pcb of the mobile just dry.
Step 2. Now carefully do the mobile DISASSEMBLE.
Step 3. Wash the mobile phone PCB 2-3 times with ctc, thinner or isopropyle. So that the water on the mobile PCB does not accumulate.
Step 4. Use ultrasonic cleaner to vibrate the ultrasonic cleaner for mobile water outflow. In which put the thinner and keep the pcb for 4-6 hours in the same. Which vibrates the mobile pcb removes the water.
Step 5. Now Use the Smd hot Gun To dry Mobile Pcb or also use the blower
Step 6. After the hit, keep the mobile PCB dry for 2-3 hours. Turn on the mobile by putting the battery.

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