Videocone V503630 Flashing by SP flash tool

Download and extract the ingredients below (if you have missed it) 

Videocon V503630 MT6735M 506 20160930 6.0Firmware

Flashing by SP Flash tool
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Install the driver you have downloaded above (if it’s already installed on the PC, skip it)
Open the Flash tool application

Flashing Method 
Step2   Click on Scetter-loading and select            the MT67xx_Android_scatter.txt scatter file from the firmware folde
Step3  Don’t check Preloader .
Step4   Click Download
Flashing amethod

The cellphone is turned off, press the volume (-) + volume (+)  then connect to the PC using a USB cable.If there are no obstacles the flashing process will run and wait until it’s finished.  

Flashing amethod
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Hopefully this article guide how to Videocone V503630 Flashing by SP flash tool is useful for all of you. 
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