Stock Rom

Stock Rom :

मूल रूप से भेजे जाने वाले Smartphone Stock रोम के साथ आते हैं जो मोबाइल उपकरणों द्वारा बनाए गए एंड्रॉइड के अनुकूलित संस्करण हैं जो उनके डिवाइस के अनुरूप हैं। यह mobile companies द्वारा बनया गया customized android version है, जो उसके device के अनुकूल होता है | android अपने इस 

firmware को शुद्ध stock Rom कहता है किसी भी mobile phone को flash करते समय हमेशा 
stock rom ही डालते है| 


STOCK ROM -Why to choose :-

Stork rom is ROMs that are available in new phones and tablets alread


Stock Rom are operating systems developed by reputed companies and hence there is no room for malwares, spywares, and other malicious tools. The manufacturing company takes privacy on top of all other things which ensures a smooth user experience.

Warranty :-

 Using a phone with the Stock ROM doesn’t void the warranty.  

Stock  features :-

Stock ROMs come with premium features that aren’t found in pure Android operating systems. These features include a custom launcher, home screen, and app drawer. For example, the Swype feature allows users to swipe their fingers across letters on the keyboard to instantly get the correct word.

Manufacture Apps :-

Stock ROMs come with preloaded apps from manufacturers, most of which are extremely useful. These apps differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from model to model. For example, Samsung Galaxy S8 has Bixby, a virtual assistant app just like iPhone has Siri and Sony Xperia phones have TrackID which is used get information on an unknown playing music on the device.

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