Small Level SMD Mobile Component And his Work

The mobile PCB is composed of many small-to-small electronic components. This is called SMD Component. They are used separately in each section. Let us know how many SMD Components are used for making mobile PCBs.


Resistor is an electrical component such as other diodes, capacitors, etc. In circuits the register is used to reduce the flow of the current or to boost the signal level. There are two types of registers depending on the work.
variables resistor ,fixed resistor।

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The capacitor is a passive element which stores energy as an electrical charge, on a small rechargeable battery is charged to the capacitor mili seconds and becomes discharge the main function of the capacitor is to pass AC voltage and stop the DC Is there. Mobile PCB is installed in capacitor parlor. Which reduces protection. The capacitor is represented by “C” and its S.I unit farad
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The diode is composed of p and n type two semiconductors, these two semiconductors are melted together. This diode is mainly the p-n treaty. On which the metallic contact is connected to the end so that the current can be given the external voltage.This is seen in the black color of PCB, and a side edge is a white color strip. And one lag bigger and the second lag is smaller

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The transistor is formed by connecting two P-N cells to the posterior poster of each other. The first transistor transistor was invented in 1951 by William Sakeley. Which was a point transistor. Over time, new transistors were discovered, to separate the new transistor from the old transistor, it is called the Bipolar junction transistor. Mainly it is the two p-n treaty diode, so it is also called double diode.
Boost Coile
Its size is bigger than coil. It is found in black colour and looks like a large button. Its function is to increase current. If this coil gets damaged then it has to be changed.

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It is found in any section of a mobile phone. It is found in many shapes and sizes. Coils are found in 2 colours: (i) Black and white; and (ii) Blue and white. It has binding of copper coil inside. It filters and decreases Current and Voltage
Image result for smd coil imageRegulator
This electronic component is found in any section of a mobile phone. It is of black color and has 5 or 6 legs. It filters current and regulates voltage.
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