Samsung SM j250F Charging Paused Problem Solution

Samsung SM-J250F Charging Paused Battery Temperature Too Low Or High Problem Repair Solution

Friends, if Samsung SM j250F is having problem of grazing paused, then this tutorial can be helpful for you.Charging problem comes due to water damage or deterioration of resistor. The problem of paused comes due to a tharmistor Resistor, this resistor is installed in both the mobile phone and its battery.
Solution Fallow All Step
Step 1 First change the battery of the mobile, if the problem is not solved then open the mobile phone
Step 2. Clean the phone after opening it.

Step 3. If you have circuit diagrams of j250F, then you can see the three thermistor resistor in it, due to which this problem is caused.  

                                                Circuit Diagrams SM J250F  
Step 4. In pcb, troubleshoot that resistor properly, then replace or remove it.

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