SAMSUNG J7 PRIME SM-G 610F FRP UNLOCK Without Flasher box

Samsung J7 Prime SM-G 610F FRP Unlock Without Flasher box

Currently after resetting a device, they come to frp. In which one asks for email and password. This happens because the device is paired with email.
So here we will discuss how to easily remove FRP Samsung J7 Prime SM-G 610F

Just before step-by-step to remove the FRP Samsung J7 Prime SM-G 610F, please dude first tool and 2. Download APK File:

Step1 Make sure the phone is in the process of requesting a Gmail account

Step 2 Connect the phone using USB cable with PC / Laptop. (Must be Samsung driver)Uninstalled if you have not already searched Google, open it, if it is already open (Device Manager and port)

 Step 3  Open the downloaded Samsung FRP tool application.  

Step 4  Now you see the service manager above, that the Samsung device is found on port 7, then fill out the COM7, then click on the scan.
If the port is read, success will succeed! , Then click Open, will be processed like a green one as follows.

Step 5   Then click Call to make an emergency call on the Samsung device, and on the Samsung device it will appear as follows.

Step 6
      Look for the message icon, then click, as follows.

Step 7  Then send an sms to, (remember that the cellphone must be connected to the internet with data packets or Wifi). 
 Then click the text text that is located at 
 And if there are no obstacles, you will be directed to Google Search. 
 Then type in Google Search the following url address.
Step 8 And then click on the red box.

Step 9 And the Samsung App store will open, now then create a Samsung account / login account. 

 Then find and install Explorer File Manager.

Step 10   Now after installing search for the  Samsung FRPBypass.apk file and  Login_6.0.1.pak
Please install the Login_6.0.1.pak file  first and then install  FRPBypass.apk.
After installing FRPBypass.apk, click open and enter login as below. DO NOT LOGIN HERE. click point 3 above.

Step 11 Click the red box.

 Step 12
   Login / create an account here.

Step 13  After completion, restart and congratulations finally overcoming the FRP Samsung J7 Prime SM-G610F without the DONE box. 

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