Samsung FRP File (exyons&Qulcomm cpu) In One Click

Download Samsung Frp File for Exyons & Qulcomm CPU 

This file is in zip folder and extract  the FRP file you will get two folders.

This file is for Exynos and QUALCOMM cpu. If the cpu mobile phone has QUALCOMM, select the file QUALCOMM and if you have exyons, select the exyonc file. If you open any of these files, you will get a trap removal file. And a model file which is a MS Word file.

CPU is of exyons. Then open the exyons file. But it will get a model (ms word) file which tells all the upcoming Samsung models that frp is removed when flashing

Open the file of model in ms word and search your phone’s model by pressing ctrl + f.

After getting the model number, open the odin tool and take exyons zip file to PDA or AP and click start button 

And connect the phone to the download mode.with usb cable

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