Samsung Combination Firmware

The Samsung combination Firmware file is a service firmware file. A combination file helps a developer or engineer to test Samsung mobile hardware. 


It can test mobile waterproof seal, speakers, sensors and all hardware and software related information. Combination file can also be used for remove or bypass Factory Reset Protection, or Google Account protection and Google Account verification

Use of Samsung Combination firmware

  1. Repair the IMEI number in Samsung devices.
  2. Very Useful in the Remove Gmail account in many Samsung models.
  3. Bypassing Google Accounts in many models.
  4. Downgrades Firmware version in Samsung models.
  5. Enable USB debugging
  6. Remove any security FRP / Re-activation lock
  7.  Enable Lte/Volte in Samsung 4g Device

How to download 100% Working Firmware in free

Step1  Go to chrome web store and Search Z3x free download


Step2  Add Z3x free Download extensions on click add to chrome finely you can see it extinction upside in the browser .

Step3  Click z3x extension and you see all combination firmware by search z3x search box

Samsung Combination Firmware 

Note: z3x Free download gave btturent file and this file download btturent browser or utturent browsers


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