How to put password on a pendrive without any software

Friends, all of you may have pendrive available or not, but you will know the work of pendrive well. If you do not know, then I tell you that the function of pen drive is to store the data. But some people do not want anyone to copy or view the data kept in their pendrive,put password on a pendrive without any software

in order to avoid this, their pendrive has to be protected with a password. but everyone don’t know how to put password on a pendrive without software After password protection, our pen drive is protected, and no other data is known by asses in it. And it is also necessary to protect the pen drive with a password. 

 If the pendrive is stolen or accidentally put a pendrive on your computer, then no one can access the data available in it without your permission and your data will be safe. here we told how to put password on a pendrive in windows 7

How To Put Password On Pendrive

Step1. First of all connect your pen drive with a computer.

Step2. Now right click on your pendrive folder with the mouse.

Step3. Click on Turn On Bitlocker

Step4. Now you will have a new windows open in front of you, by ticking on the option to use a password to unlock this drive and apply your password, so that you want to lock Pendrive.

Step5. Now enter your password and click on Next. You will be asked to set Recovery Option. Select save a file (in which you get a recovery password,if you forget your password, it will help you to open your Pendrive).

Step6. After selecting Save a File you will have 2 option, select 1st option and click on Next.

Step7. Now New Popup Windows will open in front of you.
Step8. Now click on encrypting in the last.
Now the encrypting process will start. This may take some time, depending on the size of your Pendrive.
After the process is complete, Pendrive will have a password. Now your Pendrive is safe.

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