Oppo A57 Light Display Way Solution

  • in This Artical We Post Oppo A57 light display Way Problame solution
    • Water Damage
    • Over heating
    • Display light not working

Oppo A57 Display way solution

  1. Clean the display connector on the PCB. Wash the parts in the section.
  2. First find the light section in the mobile, a diode boost coil and capacitor are seen near the charging ic in the light section.
  3. First of all, check whether the boost voltage is being attained by hot testing at the output of the diode.
  4. If voltage is found, check the beep from the anode end of the diode to the tips of the display connector. If the beep is coming, the boost voltage should also be 30 volts.
  5. If the normal voltage is found on the diode, then check all the capacitors and boost coil in the light section.
  6. Boost coil or capacitor is bad, then remove it from another light section.
  7. On one of the pins of the IC, EN signals come from the CPU, which, when the display is active, comes from 1.8 bolt to 2.8 bolt on a register there, if the voltage is coming but still the output voltage is not coming, then the IC Change

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