OEM Unlock In Android Phone And How to Work ?

oem(Original equipment manufacturer) Unlock means the unlock Booteloader Of android Phone . Some manufacturers do not allow you to install a custom ROM or root device with your recovery or bootloader.  Unless you unlock the OEM

which means that getting rid of all rights reserved by the manufacturer. Now you are free to do anything, for which they are not responsible or will not support. Which means warranty is zero. But you want to customize your phone.oem unlock

How to OEM Unlock In Android Phone

  1. Developer option is hidden on an android device, so how you can enable the Developer option on Android Phone.
  2. Open the android device Settings.
  3. Scroll down and tap on System option (on Stock android)
  4. Tap on about Phone.
  5. Find the Build Number option.
  6. Tap seven times on Build number rapidly.
  7. A Notification will flash saying. You are now a developer.
  8. Go back to the system settings, and you will see a new option called Developer options.
  9. So now the developer option is enabled on your android device.

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