Mobile VCO(Voltage-Controlled oscillator) WORK & FAULT

Mobile VCO(Voltage-Controlled oscillator) or Crystal ic Identification 

Work – VCO Means voltage Controlled Oscillator or Crystal IC .its generate frequency ( 26Mhz or 32Khz ) to run CPU IC. and also important for network section in Mobile Phone
Fault – If VCO or crystal IC is damage than Mobile is not Switch on and also create network problem in Mobile Phone.

Identification: Creates a vco frequency in mobile, which runs cpu ic. And also runs the network part. It is silver and black in appearance, it has four leg tips under it, it is mostly in the power section and network section. Bluetooth and wifi section have a similar crystal which runs only this section, it generates a frequency of 13Mhz. 

Crystal Near Power Ic

 Crystal Near Network Ic

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