How to check Mobile Phone Shorting With Dc Power Supply

A DC power supply is an electrical device that supplies DC Voltage and an Ampere.  With the help of DC power supply amperes, they detect mobile phone shorting or half shorting

What is shorting ?

Mobile Phone Shorting

The mobile phone PCB is made up of several layers, in which different tracks are made. The tracks of these layers are interconnected due to water damage or overheating, due to which mobile phones generate shorting Sometimes this shorting comes due to the component in the PCB of the mobile phone.

Type Of Shorting There are two types of mobile phone shorting

Half Shorting

Mobile phones start taking more amperes in half Shorting. If the battery accepts its requirement so much, the mobile phone is on. Because of which mobile phone batteries start to swell and run less.

Mobile phone can also be dead due to half Shorting. Half Shorting in mobile can be from any component or section, such as capacitor diode, register, power IC, CPU, network IC, etc.

Full Shorting

Mobile phones go dead in Full Shorting. Full Shorting can come from any component or section of mobile phone. Such as diodes, capacitor, power IC, PFO, CPU, network IC,etc

How to check mobile shorting with DC power supply

Step 1 Turn on your DC power supply, and select 3.7 bolts in it.

Mobile Phone Shorting

Step 2 Reduce the empire by using empire rotary

Step 3 Connect the DC power supply plus probe to the mobile phone plus terminal and mins probe mins terminal.

Step 4 If you see ampere without turning on the mobile phone in the ampere meter, then the mobile is half sorted.

Step 5 If the DC power supply machine starts beep and the voltage in its voltmeter goes down then the mobile phone is full shot.

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