Mobile Phone Battery Testing By Multimeter

Fallow Some Step For Mobile Phone Battery Testing  

Step 1 Set Multimeter To DC Voltage Range at 20 V.
Step 2  Multimeters’ red probe will touch the battery’s positive and black probe on the negative then the 3.7v Reading should come.Mobile Phone Battery Testing Method

Step 3 If it is not coming then the battery is bad.

Step 4  If the voltage is less than 3.7 v, the battery needs to be re-charged or boosted.
Step 5  If the battery voltage of 0.00V after charging or boosting, the battery is bad.
To charge a mobile phone battery, 2 pin is required. But QUS it arises, why the third terminal ? This third term is called bsi which is very important.
When the battery is removed without turning off the phone, the BSI circuit interrupts, which provides information to the processor to prevent any kind of malfunction.

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