Mobile Ic Reballing | How to Make IC

What is Mobile Ic reballing and best trick? by gtech mobile repairing .|here you know best ic reballing idea and his equipment .why Mobile Ic Need reballing?

Most of the mobile phones are ic bga (ball gred arrey). Engineers made Ball Grid Array Circuit design to make an accurate contact between the chip and the printed circuit board. Due to many reasons, an old ball is broken by the joint chip. We need to rebuild all the balls to work with that BGA chip. This reballing involves mainly removing all the old balls and changing the new ones to the old places
Mobile Ic Reballing

Why BGA Chip Need Reballing

There are Mainly Four Different Reason why a BGA chip Need Reballing.  

Over Heating  When a chip starts getting hot, then the solder heat the ball and turns loose and changes its position, because sometimes it makes a solder bridge that can make your phone dead.

Dry Solde  water damage phone create this type problame .in it case disconect conection between pcb to ic .
Water Damage After falling into mobile water, the water goes into the phone ic. Which reduces the ball of bga ic, sometimes when rehoting these balls melt in the middle and stick to each other.
Most of the time BGA Chip got faulty and need to be replaced with the new one.

Most Important Equipment For Reballing

First of all, doing this whole rebooting process is not so easy as it looks, and there are many types of equipment and supplies that you require when you re-install the chip.So, the things you need are a BGA kit and BGA Rework Machine, which are available in all markets and you can find it easily on the Internet, and these are essential tools that you always needed while performing There are a BGA circuit reballing.
Here’s the list of Necessary Supplies what you’ve nees for the Procedure
Soldering Iron– A Soldering Iron is a hand instrument used for soldering. It supplies heat to melt the Solder Metal so it can flow into the broken joints between the PCB and the Electronic Components. A soldering iron is composed of a heated metal tip with an insulated handle.

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Soldering Paste – Solder paste is a material mainly used by the manufacturer for printed circuit boards to connect surface mount components to pads on the circuit board. So, it helps a lot when we are sticking the electronic components or solder balls on the mounted area.

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Desoldering Wire – Desoldering wire, it is also known for desoldering wick or solder wick, its excellently braided 18 to 42 AWG copper wire coated with Rosin Flux, usually available on a roll in the market. The main work of this Desoldering Wire is to remove solder from a solder joint by soaking all the metal solder in it.
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BGA Chip Case: It’s only just a normal holding stand who only made for holding Chips for Reballing.
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BGA Chip Stencils – Chip Stencils is a piece of metal sheet with having lots of holes for Solder Balls on it. Mainly it was made of high-quality steel and it can be heated directly by the hot air gun or BGA machine to make this Soldering balls process easy and quickly.
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PPT PAST MECHANIC Soldering Solder Welding Paste Flux is lecquid type pest it make bga type ic ball .

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