Know About the all Microphone in Mobile Phone.


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Microphones are transducers. Which convert acoustic pressure waves into electrical signals. Audio signals have become more integrated with series sensors and other components, and MEMS technology is capable of shortening and providing microphones with analog or digital outputs. Analog and digital microphone output signal clear in one design Forms vary.

Inside MEMS Microphone 

MEMS microphones do not have output mems from transducer elements. The transducer is essentially a Variable Capacitor, which has a high output range gigaohm. Inside the microphone, the transducer signal is first sent to the preamplifier to boost the output impedance.

Analog Microphone  

The analog mic sends voice to direct audio ic and audio ic converts voice to digital signal. There are two types of Analog Mic
1 two wire soldering mic
2 crystal Mic
Note:Analog Mic has only two tips vdd which has 1.8v to 3.2v active voltage.

Digital Mic 

Sends the digital signal to direct audio ic. This mic has three suplay. VDD gives active voltage to activate the mic. Second, the suplay voice of the data sends the signal to the audio ic. The third clock converts anlog voice into digital voice.

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