How to work Zenor diode like a charging ic

Zenor Diode: This diode is the value of a Fix Voltage (4.24.8,6.2 6.8) The voltage value will be the same, it will give the same voltage in its output. Its use | The voltage is done as the controller.
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Charjing Bypass Cercut By Zener Diode:

The mobile battery requires 4.2v current to charge the battery. If Charging ic gets damaged, then 4.2v input does not give
So Fix it by putting the Zener Diode of 4.2v. Let us learn how Zener Diodes fix
With the help of jumper, the Zenor diode is inserted into the series between the charging connector and the battery connector. Like the charzing connector’s vbus zener diode of positive and the positive connector of the battery connector connects to the negative terminal of the zener diode. As soon as the charger is inserted, 5.2v volt reaches the diode with the help of usb, and the zener diode changes to 4.2v. And the battery starts charging, after bypass, the mobile charge only 2-3 hours, otherwise the battery can be full

If the zenor diode is heated then put a 10k Resistor before it

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