How to Power on of Mobile phone ?

How to Power on of Mobile

When the power switch is pressed, the supply first goes to the mobile-mounted Power ic. Power ic then gives voltage to enable VCO, and as soon as VCO is enabled, it generates a frequency of 26 MHz which would enable cpu but both voltage and frequency are required for CPU to be enabled. The frequency emanating from Vco is high so to make it low frequency it is sent to network ic and network ic low gives 13MHz CPU. And this low frequency clock signal starts the function of the CPU of the mobile phone. Before the CPU has to do a booting test, in this test mode, cpu checks all the functions in the mobile to be correct. And if found correct, cpu gives Power Ic the command to turn on all the sections and also turn on the cpu display, which reduces the brain of the mobile, and the other mobile section is ready for controlling. Becomes In this way a mobile phone becomes on.

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