EDL mode In android Phone

EDL mode is a Qualcomm Enabled feature, which is useful for unbricking the device, unlocking the bootloader or modifying the parameters of a protected device. However, all Qualcomm based devices do not support it. 

All Qualcomm chipsets have a primary bootloader (PBL). Which usually boots the Android system but some devices keep their PBL lock, and the EDL mode remains open. This is a special mode, in which users can unlock various tasks such as unbreaking, bootloader and installation of any custom ROMs.

How to boot Xiaomi  Phone Into EDL Mode

Method 1 Moving from fastboot to edl with command

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Go to Fastboot mode by pressing Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until Xiaomi ‘rabbit’ image appears.
  3. Connect phone to the computer.
  4. Download Minimal ABD and Fastboot software and Open the Minimal ABD and Fastboot command prompt.
  5. Type fasboot oem edl and automatically your phone will go to EDL Mode. If the command does not work, try fastboot reboot-edl or fastboot reboot edl.

Method 2 Pressing Power and Volume Key

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Now plug one end of the USB Cable into the PC port and the other end does not connect to the phone.
  3. Press the Power and Volume down buttons and immediately connect the USB Cable to the phone.

  4. Automatically the phone will go to EDL Mode with LED lights will light up blinking.
Method 3 EDL Flashing Cable
1. Turn Off Your Phone
2. Now Insert EDL Cable by pressing Volume Up/Down and Edl Cable key
3. Automatically the phone will go to EDL Mode
Method 4 Hardware Key
1. Turn Off your phone
2. Now open back panel
3. And short tow hadware key with twizzer. the location of test points on each type of phone will depending on the type of PCB

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