Device Driver in PC or Laptop and his work

A device driver is software that interconnects high-level computer programs to computer hardware devices, and also controls all the hardware connected to the computer.

We also call it software driver in common parlance, such as sound driver, lane driver, mother board driver etc. All hardware devices have their own software driver. With the help of which these devices are connected to the computer, due to not getting the right driver, your hardware is not working properly.

Device driver

What is Device Driver and how to work

To create a driver of a hardware device, the programmer has to write code in a high-level, because that driver can work with that hardware. 

But both the operating system and the device hardware use different languages. They do not understand each other’s language. In this case, the device driver acts as a translator, and changes the languages ​​of both.

For example, the printer is your hardware. In which you have to take a print out of a computer file. So you will instruct the computer to print and by computer this instruction will go to the printer by the device driver and the printer will print out your file. The main job of the driver is to instruct the computer connected hardware. So that it can work fully.

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Note: There are many types of drivers. It is absolutely not necessary that companies that make device hardware write their own driver. Some devices are designed according to the published hardware stander. Whose driver is made by Microsoft itself

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