All You Need To Know About DC Power Supply Machine

A DC power supply is an electrical device that supplies DC Voltage and an Ampere. The primary function of a DC power supply is to convert DC Voltage from a source to the AC Voltage.
DC Power Supply measure the Work load of connected Device In Ampere. To check the voltage in this device, the use of the voltmeter and the ammeter is used to check the current.
Configuration of DC Power Supply


Current Rotary Volume :- This Rotery reduse or decrease Current Flow .

Current Rotery Volume
Fix Voltage Rotery Volume :- This rotary gets a fixed voltage. The second rotary of the voltage is turned on keeping the fixed voltage rotary at 0-15, so that the voltage can be removed as much as possible. Fix Voltage Rotery Volume

Voltage (Fine/Coarse) Rotery volume :- This rotary will only work on keeping the fixed voltage rotary at 0-15 v. 

Fine This increases the voltage at only points like 0.1v, 0.2v, 0.3v.
Coarse This Increases the voltage at 1v ,2v ,3v

   Voltage (Fine/Coarse) Rotery volume

Probe :- For output voltage, (+ )and (-) two probes are used. The probe with balck (-) and the red one is prob (+).


Meter( Voltemeter/Ammeter):-Ammeter measure the ampere, and The voltmeter shows the selected voltage.

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