Convert Digital/Crystal Mic to Universal MIc

There are three tips in the crystal mic VDD, DATA, GND, as you see in the picture.

But in the digital mic, there are four or five tips mic that includes VDD, DATA, CLOCK, GND

And the mic which is used in a mobile phone, according to which it has tips, but it is necessary to identify it. The data and the clock line in pcb comes from audio IC and VDD power ic. On the mic tips in mobile, only two tips on the VDD clk comes readings and a beep on the gnd, so you can easily find the mic’s VDD, GND and CLK tips with the help of Multimeter.
So now let’s talk about how to convert digital / crystal mic to a universal mic.
For this, with a 1k to 4.7k resistor between DATA and VDD tips, Universal MIc will start running Universal MIc’s POSITIVE and GND to NEGATIVE with tips from DATA.               


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