Cold Testing Method

What is Cold testing method 

When riding on the tips of the component installed in the mobile pcb, without giving voltage to the mobile phone and checking it, it is called cold testing.

In this testing, when testing the tips from the black probe by placing the red prob of the multimeter on the ground of pcb, you get a value, that value can be different on the tips of each section. The value and its name in all the sections are written below, if it is more or less than that, then there is a fault in that section of the mobile. This value is not fixed but will be 50 + – then let’s assume bad

Ø  Ear Phone Connector Tip (+ , -): .300 to .1500

Ø  Loud Speaker / Ringer Connector Tip (+,-): . 300 to .1500

Ø  Battery Connector Tip (+): .250 to .600

Ø  Battery Connector Tip (Sense): above .500

Ø  Display Connector Supply Pins: .250 to .800

Ø  Display Connector Signal Pins: .250to .800

Ø  Camera Connector Supply Pins: .250 to .800

Ø  Camera Connector Signal Pins: .250 to .800

Ø  Key Tip (Row and Column): .250 to .800

Ø  Charger Connector Tip(Vcharge): .250 to .800

Ø  Charger Connector ( DP/DN):.250 to .800

Ø  Vibrator Motor Connector: .250 to .800

Ø  Power ON / OFF Switch Point (+): .500 to .1800

Ø  MIC Connector Tip (Analog MIC) (+,-): .250 to .1800

Ø  SIM Card Connector Pin 1 (VSim): .250 to .700

Ø  SIM Card Connector Pin 2,3,6: .250 to .800

Ø  SIM Card Connector Pin 4 (GND): .00 (Beep)

Ø  Micro SD Card Connector Pin 4: .250 to .600

Ø  Micro Card Connector Pin 6 (GND): .00 (Beep)

Ø  Micro Card Connector Pin 1,2,3,5,7,8: .250 to .800

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