How to check mobile phone shorting ?

In this article, I have shared the tips that can help you know that a how to check mobile phone shorting  by digital multimeter step by step. Share in next article After checking how to remove it.

What Is Mobile Phone Shorting ?

The mobile phone PCB is made up of several layers. Which leads to different tracks. When the water damage overheating or the mobile phone falls to the ground,

these tracks are opened, which are called open track, or are joined together, which is called short track. Those who create shorting  in mobile phones. Sometimes shorting  comes due to components in mobile phones such as diode register capacitors or ICs.


Half Shorting

Mobile phones start taking more amperes in half Shorting. If the battery accepts its requirement so much, the mobile phone is on. Because of which mobile phone batteries start to swell and run less. Mobile phone can also be dead due to half Shorting. Half Shorting in mobile can be from any component or section, such as capacitor diode, register, power IC, CPU, network IC, etc.

Full Shorting

Mobile phones go dead in Full Shorting. Full Shorting can come from any component or section of mobile phone. Such as diodes, capacitor, power IC, PFO, CPU, network IC,etc

How to check mobile phone shorting by digital Multimeter Step by Step ?

In mobile phones, Shorting is detected by Digital Multimeter with cold testing.
Step1 Turn on the multimeter and set it to beep mode.


Step2 Connect the red probe of the multimeter to the negative of the battery connector and the black probe to positive.
The readings ranged between 250 ohms to 650 ohms.And when you change the probe (red probe to positive and black probe to negative) when reading 1 in the multi meter, the mobile phone is correct.



Step3 Mobile phone is half shorting when the reading comes on both sides.


Step4 Full shortening occurs when the sound of the beep comes.

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