What is Battery Booster ? And how to Boost Mobile Battery

Battery Booster – is an electronic device that often produces DC for small electronic devices and with that help the device can be played without batteries. And use this tool to boost the dead battery. That’s why its name was “Battery Eliminator” (eliminating the need for battery requirement). It provides different voltage and current according to requirement.

Why Boost Battery ?

  1. If a mobile phone comes for repairing, and there is no charger, So by boosting it the mobile can be turned on.
  2. The mobile battery is boosted even when it is dead.
  3. If the voltage of the battery is stopped at one voltage.

How To Use Battery Booster ?

  1. Battery booster is used to boost battery for some time and to give extra enrage.
  2. Connect the battery eliminator to 220-240v AC and power switch will turn on Power indicator LED.
  3. Now select any voltage from the dc voltes selector between 4 -10V
  4. The voltage you select will be found in the output volts.
  5. Now connect two probes plus + and mins- in the output to the plus and mins of the battery.
  6. As soon as the probe connects to the battery, the indictor LED light gets slow.
  7. Now the battery is getting boosted, keep it connected for 1 minute. After that you can use the battery. Before using, check the voltage of the battery with the multimeter.

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