All The Sensor Use Inside Smartphone

Proximity Sensor

Proximity Sensor is able to detect the presence of any nearby objects without the need for physical contact. In smartphones, this sensor is located upwards.It disables its screen and light during a call in a mobile phone, although this sensor is quite useful, but it has many drawbacks. Dirt easily accumulates and stops

Fingerprint sensor

Finger print sensors have recently been made in smartphones. They provide a new layer of security by authenticating a user before a user is able to gain access to a smartphone. It can also be used to unlock a phone from a lock screen or encrypt data on a smartphone. The iPhone 5S, HTC One Max and Samsung Galaxy S5 are examples of smartphones that have fingerprint sensing technology.


Smartphones come with in-built thermometers that are used to measure the surrounding temperature. Some phones are slightly specialized and provide readings for both the external temperature and the internal temperature of the phone. Internal temperature helps protect the phone from overheating.


A pedometer is a sensor trailor that counts the number of steps the phone user performs. Although such data can be detected with accelerometer, yet some phones have these sensors.


Many smartphones, including the iphone, have a barometer. Barometers are used to measure air pressure. This is usually used when calculating altitude using weather changes and pressure information.
Ambient Light Sensor
An Ambient Light Sensor measures the brightness of light. After this, with the help of the phone’s software, the screen brightness adujest. If the auto adjust feature is enabled for the light.

Redaction sensor

A Redaction Sensor detects harmful redaction. This is the newest sensor in the smartphone. Such sensors are very useful for phone users in areas where there is a possibility of radiation spread. The Sharp Panton 5 was the first phone to incorporate a radiation sensor. It was released only in Japan. The phone has a button that upon pressing is launched a phone application capable of measuring the radiation level of an area.

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