Downgrade means that if your mobile version 5.1 and FRP is installed in it, then you will have to flash from below version FRP will be removed.


In otg mathod you have to download an app to bypass frp. {bypass .apk, Msa frp bypass. apk} This app has to be copied to pen-drive and connect pen-drive to mobile with otg cable. The file manager becomes open as soon as you apply it in mobile. Now the name of pendrive will appear in the file manager, after that go to pendrive and install that app. google account manager opens in which you can create your new account.


This method is only for Samsung mobiles. A software named sidesync comes for Samsung mobile. Install it in pc and open it by double clicking, leave it open and round circular rotates in it. Now connect the mobile by usb cable and after connecting, the windows will open in your mobile and click on it in internet. Go to serch bar and install frp bypass app by downloading it.


Calling method requires calling on your mobile. First of all, you have to download Samsung frp helper v0.2, Samsung 2016 frp download in your pc. After that out of these two software which you have installed open, you have to select port and click on dial. As you click, you will get a call on your mobile, after clicking on the massage in it, you will open a message box by putting or a name in it and sending a message on .com will tell masses fail. When you click on that, the internet becomes open, by downloading the app, the further posses are the same.

keyboard method

With the keyboard method, frp can be opened from Two Type,
#Method 1 In this, you have to connect your mobile to WiFi or start the internet by inserting a SIM. In the WiFi screen, you will see add network, click in it, enter any name in it and press on that name and after 2 seconds you will see the option of G assist, click on it will open google, type in it internet then bypass app download Do it The forward prosses are the same.

#Method 2(lyf model) In this, you have to connect your mobile to WiFi or turn on internet by inserting a SIM. On the screen with verifying your account, you will have to click @ Aspe till 2 second.
As soon as you click on @, you will see the symbol of the settings. It has to do google keyboard settings in input option

3 dotwill appear in google keyboard settings, click on it. On clicking, you click help & feedback. You have to click on any one word there, as long as it is blue, you have to click on it as soon as it becomes blue. Now to open Google, you have to write the setting in Google search bar, open the setting and reset the factory.


Flash with combination meansyou will have to download the combination file from Z3X’s sell and flash it by taking that Combination file in AP (PDA) in ODIN3 or Z3X. After that Reset FRP has to be given, FRP will be removed.


According to the model number from Google, you have to download the userdata.tar file. FRP will be removed by flashing it in AP (PDA) in ODIN3 or Z3X.


FRP Tool or BOX means that the option of direct FRP Reset comes in the box, you can remove it with one click.

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